Image of noble porcinePigIron Open Source Java Class Libraries for VSMAPI

Copyright (c) 2015 Jack J. Woehr PO Box 51, Golden, Colorado 80402-0051 USA All rights reserved.


PigIron is an open source Java class library which implements the client side of the IBM ® z/VM ® Virtual Machine Operating System's Systems Management Application Programming Interface (called VSMAPI in PigIron documentation). PigIron supports all 99 VSMAPI for z/VM V5R3 functions and the 15 additional VSMAPI for z/VM V5R4 functions. PigIron is extensible by the expert z/VM host-side VSMAPI Rexx coder without deep knowledge of Java.

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Please visit and download PigIron on Source Forge.

Note: PigIron is not associated with the IBM corporation.

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